Generac Generator Maintenance FAQs

May 14, 2021

Generac generator service in NJ

See what is inside the Generac Guardian unit that needs to be maintained.

Generac Generator Service In New Jersey

Here at Wysocki Electric, we get a few questions from homeowners when it comes to home generator maintenance. We put together this list of frequently asked questions to help answer these common questions. Servicing a back-up home generator is important to keep it running when you need it and adds life to the generating system, so you get a longer life and value out of your back-up power system. If you have a question and do not see it here, you can give us a call or follow us on Facebook and ask a question there. We have an ask Wysocki Wednesday that answers common home power questions along with other electrical service questions you may have.

9 Common Home Generator Service Questions

How much does it cost to service a Generac generator in New Jersey?

Wysocki Electric performs required annual maintenance on Generac generators.  Please call our office at (856)-678-4300 for more information.

How often does a Generac generator need to be serviced?

All back-up home generators require periodic maintenance, such as oil, battery, and filter changes, to make sure they perform when needed for years of reliable service. Generac recommends you have your unit serviced every 6-12 months by an authorized Generac service dealer. Home generator owners need a Generac maintenance kit as it is important to keep up with a regular annual maintenance schedule. Failure to complete regular maintenance can void your warranty.

What is the life expectancy of a Generac generator?

20 to 30 years Typical life span for Generac standby generators is 20 to 30 years. When operating outside of standby mode, engine life is dependent on run hours, how often you perform maintenance, and the quality of house generator installation.

How often should a Generac battery be replaced?

Every 3 years Battery replacement every 3 years, non-negotiable. The battery is the most critical point in the system. If the battery is dead, you have nothing to start generator when the power goes out.  Do not wait for it to fail before replacing it. Home generator batteries seldom give any warning before failing to start your generator system. Some areas closer to the New Jersey shore should have their battery checked more often, because of the salt air.

How much does a Generac battery cost?

To have the easiest generator battery installation, Generac offers the 26R, wet cell battery applicable for all air-cooled standby generators. These batteries range in cost from $99.00 up to $139.00 for the battery less installation costs.

How do you check a Generac generator battery?

The easiest way to test a charger is to measure battery voltage before starting the unit, record the value, start, and stop the generator, and then monitor the battery voltage.

How long can a Generac whole house generator run continuously?

3000 hours give or take. Back-up generators can run up to 3000 hours, but only if proper maintenance and oil are provided. Stand by home generators run by three types of fuel that include propane, diesel, and natural gas. Most of our installs are natural gas and propane. Fuel consumption will be based on the size and run cycle of the generator.

How long should I run my generator for maintenance?

Power up your generator every three or four months. Generac recommend homeowners run their Guardian power generators every three months for about 30 minutes to charge the battery for the electric starter. The last thing you want is to discover that your electric starter or battery is dead in time of need.

Where do I get Generac generator parts in New Jersey?

You can call us here if you know the part you need. You can schedule us to come out and make sure the part you need is what is causing the generator from working properly. We have annual maintenance plans to service your home power system.

Generac Home Generator Maintenance Conclusion

Having a back-up generator for your home is a smart investment. The cost of maintenance is quite low when you compare it to other home systems such as HVAC units, appliances and other systems that make your life easier and more comfortable. With preventative maintenance your Generac generator should last you decades to come, giving you piece of mind, knowing when the power goes out, your lights, appliances and home comfort units do not.